Create a New ESM Account

IMPORTANT: Do not create more than one ESM account. For more info click HERE

How do I create an ESM account?

  1. The first thing that you need to decide when you are creating a new ESM account is whether or not you will be submitting show Entries. If yes, you need an Exhibitor account (you must be at least 18 years old to have an Exhibitor account). If no, then you need a Non Exhibitor account.

  2. If you need an Exhibitor account, you must know if you will be submitting Entries as a company or as an individual. Most stables are companies, and like to submit Entries and pay show fees under their corporate name. Press Show Me How! to see how to create an Exhibitor account for a Person or Company. Remember to fill out all the mandatory fields (they are marked with an asterisk).
    Butt newaccountpersonButt show me

    Butt newaccountcompanyButt show me

  3. If you need a Non Exhibitor account, you must get an someone with an Exhibitor account to create it for you in their account. If you have an Exhibitor account and want to create a Non Exhibitor account press Create a Non Exhibitor account for step by step instructions. *Note: an Exhibitor may use any Non Exhibitor or other Exhibitor in the entire ESM system as part of show Entries. See Creating Show Entries for more details.